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Speaker & Microphone Repair

Phone with microphone icon on screen and audio playing

Audio Repairs

  • Can’t be heard by other callers well
  • Microphone not working
  • Can’t be heard by other callers on speaker
  • Can’t hear other callers at all
  • Can’t hear other callers on speakerphone
  • Other callers sound muffled
  • Other callers can’t hear me at all
  • Voice recorder not working
  • Can’t hear YouTube/ Facebook/ TikTok
  • Volume not working all the time
  • Stuck volume button
  • Mute not working
  • Can’t turn volume up

These days with all the things phones do sometimes people forget they’re actually meant to make and receive crystal clear phone calls on.

If you can’t be heard by other callers, or other callers can’t hear you, please stop by TX Nerd so we can fix your audio issue today. Whether it’s that you can’t be heard on speakerphone, or certain apps don’t play sound, we can absolutely fix any audio problem, including computer tablet and video game console, and headphone audio problems. We work on microphones, ear speakers, loudspeakers, volume controls, and an array of audio ailments including random muting, not being heard, not being able to hear other callers, and much more!

Sometimes you just need to be heard

At TX Nerd, we understand how frustrating it is not to be heard and think you need a new phone. If you can’t hear other callers or other callers aren’t able to hear you, please send us a message or call right now to get a quote or schedule an appointment.

Just because your Android or iPhone is suffering sound problems doesn’t mean you have to suffer too! Try these 3 easy tips to see if you can resolve the problem on your own.

  1. Check Audio Volume Levels

    First and foremost, make sure your audio levels are set properly. If you’re an Apple user, click on Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Below Ringers and Alerts, increase the volume by dragging the slider to the right.

    On an Android device, use the volume button on the side to increase audio levels. If your buttons aren’t working you can also use the volume slider that appears on-screen. Swipe right to maximize your sound level.

  2. Disable DND Mode

    On an iPhone, open Settings, click on Do Not Disturb, swipe toggle switch to the Off position. On an Android phone, open Settings, select sound, click Do Not Disturb, and make sure everything is turned off.

  3. Turn Off Bluetooth

    On an iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Click the toggle switch to the Off position. On an Android, pull up Settings, and click on Connected Devices, select Bluetooth and set the toggle switch to Off.