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Unlocking & Jailbreaking

Unlocking, jailbraking and rooting

Unlocking a phone can mean many things but usually, it means, to make a phone viable to migrate from one carrier to another or to make a phone usable by removing a lock code or account. It can also mean figuring out how to use a phone with unpaid bills.

Persuading firmware to no longer enforce carrier or account-specific restrictions, leveraging features of a phone’s firmware, and shepherding clients through processes designed to allow the owner to use their phone properly, and on whatever carrier’s network they fancy are all services we specialize in at TX Nerd.

A Decade of Unlocking

Isometric graphic of locked padlock next to unlocked padlock
TX Nerd can unlock your phone whether it’s pin code locked and needs a bypass, Google locked., FRP locked, Samsung locked, iCloud locked, carrier locked, blacklisted with a bad ESN or needs to be reset or restored.

If we can’t unlock it nobody can

At TX Nerd, our ability to unlock is only limited by what is technologically possible. If the solution for your locked device exists, not only do we have access to the direct, original source, chances are we guarantee the unlock service 100%.

The main thing we do at TX Nerd isn’t fix XBOXs and Playstations, or repair phone screens and sell computers, it’s actually helping folks with their PINs, Google and iCloud accounts, and Windows passwords, email problems, and otherwise locked phones, so don’t hesitate to call us with your password, account reset questions or other account access needs straight away. At TX Nerd we offer a service for every password and account reset situation.


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Once your phone is unlocked, whether it be from a carrier, a passcode, Google account or iCloud account, we guarantee it will stick.