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Why Choose Us?

Technicians with computers plugged into an hourglass, symbolizing TX Nerd's longevity in the East Texas repair market
TX Nerd has been repairing phones, computers, and game consoles in East Texas for a decade.

TX Nerd is the most established repairshop in Henderson County

TX Nerd has many dozens of combined years of experience in various technological sectors and as a respected leader in the electronics repair and retail community, TX Nerd currently has an industry-wide reputation for setting the bar other shops hope to meet. Amongst our greatest achievements is the number of clients who year after year recommend their family and friends to us for all of their electronic repair and retail needs. If you’re looking for somebody who actually knows what they’re “doing”… look no further, TX Nerd technicians are seasoned veterans who will immediately put you at ease with their level of comfort and confidence when dealing with your particular electronic issue or question.

We understand your frustration

Our culture at TX Nerd is simple: we know not everybody is into technology. At TX Nerd you will be met with an understanding mentor, and friend who will act as your personal technology broker, and shepherd you through the process of repairing your current device or replacing it with a “new-to-you” refurbished phone, warrantied by us for the lifetime of the device.

No geek-speak

We apologize in advance for using big words but it’s hard not to in this business. Nonetheless, you deserve to have your questions answered in plain Texan. That said, our technicians will clearly explain what is happening, at your individual level, so you understand exactly what’s wrong and how much it’s going to cost.

Most repairs completed in under two hours

Need an iPhone screen repaired? No problem! TX Nerd keeps Apple screens in stock on a daily basis, while most high-end Galaxies are done next day and oddball models take 3-5 days to arrive at most. However, despite how long it takes for your part to arrive most repairs only take 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how busy we are.

TX Nerd is your One Stop Shop for all things electronic

We fix, buy AND sell phones, computers, gaming consoles, phone accessories, cables, cases, and much more. From getting you back into your iCloud, to resetting your Google password, replacing screens and batteries to customizing your new Galaxy S20, Note 20 or iPhone 13 Pro Max with a camouflage vinyl–TX Nerd is your One Stop Shop for computers, gaming and phones in Gun Barrel City on Cedar Creek Lake, TX.

No problem is too big

It should be obvious by now that TX Nerd isn’t your average independent repair shop; we care deeply about the richness of our work and strive to invest both time and money into bigger and better tools every day. Make no mistake; repairing phones, computers, tablets, and circuit boards, in general, can be done at many levels and TX Nerd’s goal is always to be the very best. Don’t settle for an average repair shop, bring your most difficult and irritating problems to TX Nerd, today, to be met with the final, fastest, and most efficient answer today.

Tech & small business savvy

Sticking to our small-town values doesn’t mean we don’t have our thumb on the pulse of the bleeding edge. Make no mistake, the nerds at TX Nerd are some smart cookies, but won’t ever sacrifice our traditional mom and pop shop principals.

No Lemon Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

Soo... what's with the name?

In 2008 TX Nerd’s Founder, Neils Brooks, who was weathering the looming financial crisis and fearing a second dot-com bubble-burst, began slowly downsizing and transitioning the company he presided over at that time from specializing in full stack web development to fullscale managed IT services, including computer hardware sales and maintenance.

It was during this time it became apparent that selling computer support services necessitated a totally different approach to branding than selling websites… and thusly the search for a short, catchy, domain name began. Lots of ideas were toyed with but at the end of the day, Neils had three requirements for the new brand and domain name which “TX Nerd” met perfectly.

1. It needs to convey techy-ness
2. It needs to convey trustworthy-ness
3. It must be as short as possible (the average dot com name is 12 letters long)

The Texas part of TX Nerd helps generate trust instantly, as it conveys the fact that we aren’t a national chain–we’re 100% independent. It also lets our primary demographic, who are largely farmers, skilled tradesmen, and good ol’ blue-collar folk know, that we aren’t just nerds, we also subscribe to traditional Texan values such as standing behind our product, keeping our word and putting in an honest day’s work.

We respect your privacy

At TX Nerd customer data privacy is something we take very seriously. Our processes and industry-leading tools ensure that when we’re handling your device, none of your personal data can ever be seen by our expertly trained staff.