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Wi-Fi, Routers/ Networks

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At TX Nerd we understand how frustrating connectivity glitches can be. Whether you can’t connect to your router at home, can’t connect your phone to your Apple watch or Samsung gear, or you can’t connect with your favorite, speaker, earbuds, Beats headphones, hearing aid, or even your truck! TX Nerd is here to help you with all of your wireless, internet, and Bluetooth connection issues.

In-Home Service

If you have an issue at your residence, TX Nerd also contracts with the most reliable in-home technicians on Cedar Creek lake to setup your home network hardware; routers, modems, hotspot and make certain that your connected devices, such as: TVs, computers, printers, security cameras, home audio system, home theatre components, smart lights or even your oven are connected. Contact us directly to discuss your in-home service today.

Wi-Fi, Modems, Routers

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Texas Nerd can resolve cellular 4G 5G Bluetooth Wi-Fi reception and wireless connectivity issues of all sorts.

We understand the 5Gpocalypse

Confused as to what you need to do to comply with 2022 standards and how to deal with your old phone? We can help you purchase the correct new phone for your needs, your carrier and VoLTE and HD Voice compatibility. Then we can move all your data over.


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