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Battery Replacement

Isometric image of Samsung-style battery

If your phone is still covered under a Limited One Year Warranty, replacing the iPhone battery will be free through the Manufacturer

Being stuck to the wall when you’re trying to charge your smart phone isn’t just annoying, and unnecessary, it’s risky because they aren’t meant to be used while plugged in. In fact, the number one cause of damage to charger is the cable being jerked out while in use!



Battery troubleshooting & replacement by TX Nerd

Most battery replacements at TX Nerd can be completed in under 1 hour. TX Nerd stocks batteries for all major brands, makes and models of not just phones but all of your favorite portable electronic devices including tablets, laptops, handheld gaming units, Hotspots, GPS and more.

Stop by today to have your failing battery replaced quickly and breathe life back into your phone that won’t hold a charge. While you’re here, have one of our trusted nerds check out your charging port, and cables for free!

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