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Phone Repair





  • Cracked Screens
  • Camera malfunction
  • Selfie cam not working
  • Charging issues
  • Audio issues; mics, speakers
  • Can’t be heard by other callers
  • Not powering on
  • Moisture exposure
  • Water Damage
  • Data Recovery
  • Shutting down at random
  • Unlocking







Electrical Problems

The average cost of a charging port cleaning is $19 and usually takes about 5 minutes thanks to the high-powered, lab-grade Amscope microscopes that TX Nerd employees on a daily basis.

If and when a charging port repair is actually needed TX Nerd will always be the first to let you know and the average cost of a charging port repair is between $39 and $99.

Most charging port repairs, including those requiring soldering, are able to be dropped off and picked up the same day, or completed within 24 hours.

Carrier Unlocking

Unlocking a phone can mean many things but usually, it means, to make a phone viable to migrate from one carrier to another or to make a phone usable by removing a lock code or account.

Unlocking can also mean figuring out how to use a phone with unpaid bills.

Isometric graphic of locked padlock next to unlocked padlock

Password Resets

At TX Nerd we understand unlocking, bypassing pin codes, removing or getting into iCloud and Google accounts, phones, tablets, Windows computers, iMacs, Macbooks and Chromebooks.

Call to get a free quote on unlocking your device, 469-297-NERD.

Unlocking, jailbraking and rooting

Password Problems

The main thing we do at TX Nerd isn’t fix XBOXs and Playstations, or repair phone screens and sell computers, it’s actually helping folks with their Google and iCloud accounts, and Windows passwords, so don’t hesitate to call us with your password and account reset questions and needs. TX Nerd offers a service for every password reset situation.

Sound Problems

If you can’t be heard by other callers, or other callers can’t hear you, please stop by TX Nerd so we can fix your audio issue today. Whether it’s that you can’t be heard on speakerphone, or certain apps don’t play sound, we can absolutely fix any audio problem, including computer tablet and video game console, and headphone audio problems.

At TX Nerd, we work on microphones, ear speakers, loudspeakers, volume controls, and an array of audio ailments including random muting, not being heard, can’t hear other callers, and much more.

Phone with microphone icon on screen and audio playing

Stop by 1012 W. Main St. Suite 107 Gun Barrel City, TX 75156 today to talk to an expert in person.

Camera Repair

Cellphone cameras are typically the primary camera, and only camera, that most consumers own. So at TX Nerd we aim to stock every common main or rear camera and selfie camera for all iPhones and most common Android phones.

Camera Software

Often, resetting your camera, replacing your SD card or updating your operating system can fix camera issues but if you aren’t able to solve your problem, contact TX Nerd at 469-297-NERD today to start taking selfies again today.