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Cellular Support

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All your wireless woes are over

We can fix any Wi-Fi or cellular issue on any device, anywhere

From troubleshooting your home or business router to making sense of APN settings on your mobile phone–if we can’t get your internet enabled devices back online, nobody can.

Wi-Fi & Cellular Issues We Fix

  • Not getting a good phone signal
  • Not getting data
  • Internet slow
  • Can’t connect to the internet
  • Trouble activating phone service

Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues can be extremely stressful which is why we’ve spent many years solving all forms of internet and Wi-Fi connection troubles.

At TX Nerd we pride ourselves on being able to quickly explain and solve most internet connection problems for $39 average. Whether you’re suffering from a misconfigured Straight Talk APN value, having trouble unlocking your Boost Mobile phone or fighting a stationary Suddenlink/ CenturyLink modem/ router malfunction, we can make sense of and resolve any and all issues preventing or hindering internet access on your mobile device, or in your home.

We work with all carriers, and providers, contract, postpaid or prepaid, including Sprint, Boost, AT&T, Cricket, Verizon, Page Plus, Metro, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile and Straight Talk.

Stop by with your mobile device, or call 469-297-NERD to schedule an on-site appointment to troubleshoot your non-existent, slow or inconsistent internet connection today.


Get a FREE estimate

Come in or call now to get a free price quote on the counter. We’ll check out your problem, give you our expert opinion on how to solve it and hopefully get you checked in for a fixed price.


Diagnostic and repair

If we can’t give you an accurate estimate of cost, we will check your device in for a diagnostic, and move towards the goal of a successful, cost-effective repair.


You pick up your gadget

We’re conveniently located by Wal-Mart in Gun Barrel City, open weekdays 10-7, Saturdays 10-4. When your item is ready for pickup, you receive a text and phone call.


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