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Moisture Exposure Treatment

Isometric graphic of man drowning in a phone that's rendered as a pool

Water damage means corrosion, calcification and oxidization have set in, which can only be removed via a multi-wave ultrasonic bath in the industry standard solvent, Bransen EC. Actual physical and electrical damage can only be repaired with years of microscopic soldering experience and the finest quality soldering equipment.

Rice doesn't fix water damage (but TX Nerd does)

Moisture exposure doesn’t always imply “water damage” but when it does, you need a Level 3 technician with a proper water damage repair process and access to the leading tools of the trade.

At TX Nerd we’re proud to exclusively use Hakko soldering irons, Quick hot air stations and Amscope microscopes to ensure we’re armed with the best equipment money can buy… because while rice doesn’t fix phones–good tools and trained technicians do).

When your phone is in the death throws it can be very stressful not knowing why. Luckily, the nerds here at TX Nerd specialize in circuit board repair, which enables us to perform all sorts of deep repairs other shops just can’t do.

Circuit Board Repair

If you haven’t had the misfortune of needing a circuit board repair before, count your blessings. But if you think you might have electrical mismanagement issues stemming from moisture exposure, cheap charging cables, or failure due to old age, TX Nerd might be your last chance at saving your device, or precious data.

Traditionally, circuit board repair has been an advanced, expensive, painful and open-ended experience. At TX Nerd we try to make circuit board repair, moisture exposure treatment, data loss and water damage events as negotiable and affordable as possible.

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